Organic Pigments

UMC offers a full line of classical organic pigments for inks (gravure, flexo, offset, and textile), paints/coatings, & plastics in both dry and presscake form.

We are now offering OMNICYANINE Green.

Product Name
Fast Yellow G
Fast Yellow 10 G
AAA Yellow
MX Yellow
OT Yellow
AAOA Yellow
HR Yellow
Toluidine Red
Barium Red 2B
Calcium Red 2B
Strontium Red 2B
Manganese Red 2B
Red Lake C
Pyrazolone Orange
Lithol Rubine
Naphthol Red
Phthalocyanine Blue B
Phthalocyanine Blue BSR
Phthalocyanine Green 7
C.I. Name
PY 1
PY 3
PY 12
PY 13
PY 14
PY 17
PY 83
PR 3
PR 48:1
PR 48:2
PR 48:3
PR 48:4
PR 53:1
PO 13
PR 57:1
PR 112
PB 15:0
PB 15:2
PG 7
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