Fluorescent Pigments

UMC offers a wide variety of daylight fluorescent pigment lines in both dry and dispersed form 
for several different markets:

Screen Inks: UMC offers a full line of traditional fluorescent colors, including yellow, orange, red, pink, rose, violet, magenta, blue & green in dry color form. Properties include solvent resistance, fine particle size and high color intensity.

Coatings: UMC also offers a full line of traditional fluorescent colors for the coatings industry. Properties include excellent hiding power, solvent resistance, & excellent economics. Special grades are available for powder coatings.

Printing Inks: A wide variety of colors & product lines are available in both dry and dispersed form for water based and solvent based systems.

Aerosol Paints: Ultrafine particle size material is available in a complete range of colors, suitable for use in a wide variety of solvent and water based systems.

Plastics: Heat stable product lines that are non-migratory provide good opacity with a narrow particle size distribution.

Hobby Market: UMC also offers ACMI pre-approved material that is suitable for tempera paints, molding clays, bingo markers, crayons, and other such hobbies. A Full range of dry colors is available.

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